Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Diabetes and running

I'm going to share my blood sugar readings, nutrition before, during, and after my runs and try to make sense of the numbers.

Here are my results for the first week of training:

Tuesday I woke up at 4:30 a.m. and my morning reading was 127, I ate a Cliff Bar and waited around the house for 30 minutes and left the door for my run at 5:00 a.m. at which point I was 114. This is a little concerning because I ate, didn't take insulin, and my blood sugar dropped. I had a 15 gram Level Foods packet and headed out. I tested during my run and at 5:20 I was going back up and hit 127 again, at the end of the run I climbed up to 156. 

Tuesday doesn't make any sense, if I bolus for the 56g Carb I would bolus almost 8 units of insulin. When I got home I took a bolus for 4 units because after I usually spike and with a correction ratio of 1 - 25 I knew I was trending back up and I should take a little more to anticipate the increase. An hour later I was 243 and had to correct again for another 3 units. 

In review the food would have required me to dose 7.85 and I took 7. The hard part with this decision making process is that when I have active insulin, I tend to drop FAST, and want to avoid this. 

Wednesday I woke up at a similar time, this time I woke up at 65 with no feelings of being hypo. I ate a banana and a 15 g packet of Level again. Nearly 40 minutes after eating those items I left the house at 101. I also set a temp basal for 2 hours at 50% to see what different results I would have. I brought a mix with my water and that had 30 g Carb in it. 20 minutes into my run I had made it to 140 but another 15 minutes I was down to 120. Walking into the house I was 114 and felt GREAT. Another spike in my blood sugar though, an hour after my run I hit 257 and an hour later I was 45. 

What is my plan for Thursday going to be, what should I do? It will depend on my blood sugar at the time but I plan to have a banana again but hopefully an hour earlier than I leave. When I leave the house I'm going to bolus 2 units so the insulin is fresh and the run will help kick it into high gear. I am hopeful I'll make my 3 miles in 36 minutes and walk in the door within range. I plan to try and not consume anything because its a short run.

Wish me luck! 

I'll try and be back Saturday to share my 8 mile experience. 

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